Our Story

Created from the empowering energy, exceptional light and creative nature of its founder, Tatum Guercio, Mother of Plants was born.

Established in 2021 this brand does not only exist with the intention of being a mere lifestyle plant company. Instead, its roots are deeply intertwined with the desire to create safe, harmonious and beautiful spaces for individuals to exist in. 

Mother of Plants grew from the personal story of Tatum, a child of colour who found peace and restoration in the wonders of plant life. 

Witnessing the dramatic lack of representation in the health, wellness and plant industry, Tatum and her Mother of Plants team plans to take root and bloom here and create a more inclusive space for all. Mother of Plants hopes to allow more people of colour to experience the sanctity and joy of a green space and to foster a deeper connection with nature and self.

Furthermore, this lifestyle, health and wellness brand looks to revolutionize your space by highlighting the numerous benefits associated with plant life. From your mental health to physical wellbeing, the effects of plant life are not only therapeutic but essential for better living.

We are excited to grow together on this journey!